"An Investment In Knowledge Pays The Best Interest"

The African Child Agenda

Who We Are?

The African Child Agenda is an international not-for-profit, committed to addressing development issues, such as alleviating education poverty through our most ambitious and largest project The Phoenix Centre of Excellence. With your support, The Phoenix Centre of Excellence will be the first space of its kind to offer international & Ghanaian children a bespoke education never seen on the continent before.  Whether a parent is an Expat, a business professional seeking a short-term place, or a home educator seeking specialist subject areas we aim to offer the best and most fundamental education. Ghanaian children will be the best beneficiaries of this project as they will learn in an international environment and be able to harness the expectations employers are seeking from the international marketplace. Whether a child learns within the physical space or through Virtual Reality they will have access to the best teaching methods.

With our NGO based in the Central region of Ghana and our other organisation in London UK, The African Child Agenda seeks to engage the intellectual, financial, philanthropic, and entrepreneurial capacity of Africans and friends of Africa in support of economic and social development.

We are largely funded by the generosity of the public who support us through individual donations, corporate philanthropy, and grants. We are calling on all donors, & sponsors to support this life-changing campaign. 


Educating our young people to be the entrepreneurs, innovators & leaders of tomorrow, is paramount to the success of any economy. 

Technology is changing the face of the world, from breakthroughs in Science, and medical procedures to the international marketplace. Access to opportunity should not be the deciding factor in a young person having the ability to effectively compete in the global marketplace.

Sectors in the world that are moving to more tech-based technology include

We will be building the flagship Phoenix International Academy of Excellence Specialising in Science, Technology, Engineering Art Maths & Languages (STEAML).       Read More

The Arts & Media

Television & Theatre Production teaches the art of script-writing, directing, and producing for both stage and screen. As a film-making course student in this collaborative and practice-based course, you will develop a range of sought-after practical skills. Students will gain a strong understanding of the technical requirements needed for this industry providing them with a distinct competitive advantage in the film-making, television, and theatre industries. This course works closely with other programs such as Acting, Model Making & Visual FX, and Costume Design, because of this students will experience a fully rounded teaching environment with the faculty working collaboratively across all cast and crew requirements. Our assessment for this course is not exam-based. You will be assessed on the film you make as part of your final year project.

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Our Vision

The African Child Agenda have started modestly in Ghana, however, our aim is to build Tech Schools across Sub-Saharan Africa educating the next generation of Tech Savvy entrepreneurs to be able to compete in the every evolving global market place. 


The School (s) will be designed to educate children with key skills in.

  • Science 
  • Technology
  • Engineering
  • Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Languages

We need to be in a competitive space academically, we also need to ensure that our physical and emotional health is a priority. At the Phoenix Academy of Excellence, we are committed to physical and mental health, physical activity stimulates the production of endorphins. These are natural mood lifters that can help keep stress and depression away. Endorphins may also leave you feeling more relaxed and optimistic after a long day. All this exercise provides a variety of benefits, including increased blood flow and oxygen to the brain. Physical activity also helps a person’s mind to become sharper and more focused.  We will do a variety of physical activities three times per week.

We are producing a new age of healthy genius!!