The African Child Agenda Building Project

Building Project

Young people spend a great deal of their time in school, and for good reason. A school is a place where a young person learns about the world around them, explore their interests and passions, develops social skills, and learns more about the things that will be useful in their future careers.

The self-contained classroom can no longer provide the variety of learning settings necessary to successfully support project-based, real-world authentic learning. Research indicates that smaller class size is a factor contributing to improved achievement. Our Learning settings will be designed to support individualised, self-directed learning and small informal group learning, in addition to traditional large-group instruction.

We are also thinking about the provision of professional space for teachers. Teacher office space, including smart desks and storage, smart phones and the latest information technologies including super fast WiFi is essential. The Phoenix Academy of Excellence will be smart buildings, this will increase responsiveness to occupant needs as well as the educational process.

Schools open doors for young people thus with the Phoenix Academy of Excellence  our goal is to build the greatest environment for children. Weather they are developing skills in Engineering or the editing videos in the studio we will provide the most innovative  and forward thinking curriculum & Co-curriculum.

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The future of technology in education is helping teachers to expand beyond linear, text-based learning and to engage students who learn best in other ways. Its role within schools has drastically evolved from a contained computer class into a versatile learning tool that is changing how we demonstrate concepts, assign projects and assess progress.

The Phoenix Center of Excellence will give children & young people access to

  • Video Editing Suites
  • Tech Studios
  • AI & Blockchain
  • In-door multi-use theater
  • Science Lab
  • Language studios
  • Practical Engineering Facility
  • Zen Garden
  • Sensory Suites
  • Fully equip Library (books & digital)
  • Male & Female energy efficient dormitories
  • Fully powered by Solar Technology
  • Hi speed WiFi
  • Teacher staff rooms
  • Energy efficient Staff Dormitories
  • On-site international volunteer guest house
  • Fully equip kitchen & cooking facilities
  • Energy & water saving washrooms
  • Tennis courts, football & basket ball pitches
  • Trips & excursions to historical sites
  • Swimming Lessons
  • Drama & Dance Studios
  • International teaching staff